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Chris Button

Chris Button, Sensei

Date of Birth: September 27, 1968
Place of Birth: Huntsville, Alabama
When first started training: 1987 at Huntsville Campus of Calhoun Community College
Where trained: Decatur and Huntsville Campuses of Calhoun Community College, Athens, Ardmore
Styles trained in: Wado Ryu karate-do

First Instructor: Bill Hardyman
Date earned Shodan: October 1994
Date earned Nidan: October 1996
Date earned Sandan: December 1998
Date earned Yondan: December 2001
Current rank: Yondan Wado Ryu

Date first school opened: 1995
Where school is located: Huntsville, Alabama

Other Information:
Currently operates Huntsville Wado Ryu along with twin brother David who is a Yondan also.
Has attended numerous training classes and seminars taught by Patterson Sensei, Hachidan.
Has also attended seminars taught by: Otsuka Sensei (Jiro), Judan;
Takamatsu Sensei, Kudan; Sakai Sensei, Kudan; Shiomitsu Sensei, Hachidan;
and Kirby Sensei, Rokudan
Has assisted in teaching self defense classes
Has Associate's Degree in Computer Information Systems
Licensed by the State of Alabama Department of Public Health as a Paramedic
Currently employed as a Captain/engineer by the City of Huntsville Fire Department
Employed part time by Huntsville Emergency Medical Services, Inc. as a Paramedic/Driver

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