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The information presented here is a useful tool, but it does NOT replace the need for a qualified Wado Ryu instructor.  Kata have many possible interpretations which should be explored with your instructor.

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   Wado Ryu Kata Requirements 
From To Mandatory Kata
Directed by Sensei
Alabama Additional
Alabama Minimum
Time Requirement
White Gold 1-14 Ippon Katas, 
First, Second Basic
32 Hours / 
2 Months 
Gold Orange Pinan Nidan Third Basic
80 Hours / 
5 Months 
Orange Blue Pinan Shodan  
128 Hours / 
8 Months 
Blue Purple Pinan Sandan Omoto Kata
208 Hours / 
13 Months 
Purple Green Pinan Yondan Kiso Kumite
288 Hours / 
18 Months 
Green Third Brown Pinan Godan 1-10 Kihon Kumite
384 Hours / 
24 Months 
Third Brown Second Brown Nai Han Shi  
448 Hours / 
28 Months 
Second Brown
First Brown
 1-6 Teisu-No-Waza
528 Hours / 
33 Months 
First Brown Shodan Ku Shan Ku  
672 Hours / 
42 Months
Shodan Nidan Seishan & Chinto   
Sensei's Option
Nidan Sandan (Perfection of Above)  
Sensei's Option
Sandan Yondan (Perfection of Above)  
USEWF Requirements
(Perfection of Above)
USEWF Requirements
(Perfection of Above)
USEWF Requirements


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